Our History

Why Cessna overview

We dominate the sky

Our promise of excellence, our values, and our tireless innovation has led to where we are today — leading the industry with the world's best selling aircraft. Cessna has delivered nearly 200,000 aircraft, including more than 24,000 twin-engine airplanes, 2,000 military jets, and 6,500 Citations — the largest fleet of business jet aircraft in the world. More than half the aircraft flying today are Cessnas.

From Whence We Came

The story of Clyde Cessna
Clyde Vernon Cessna designed the very first Cessna in 1911 — a monoplane of spruce and linen. After his first successful flight, Clyde was nicknamed the “Birdman of Enid.”  Sixteen years later, Cessna Aircraft Corporation was born. The company’s first aircraft was an unconventional monoplane that featured a wing without braces or struts — a design that has been the industry standard ever since.

In Cessna’s first decade, the company earned a reputation for safety and performance that it still holds today. More than eight decades later, Clyde Cessna’s passion and vision are mirrored every day by the people who work for Cessna. Whether in an office or in the factory, every Cessna employee is driven by a spirit of innovation and passion for aviation.